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Who we are

We are a premier continuing education provider for the construction industry. Not only do we provide site safety training for site based staff, we are also an approved continuing education provider for Professional Engineers in all states that require continuing education. Our courses are developed by Professional Engineers and Site Safety Managers with decades of experience in the field, and are designed to be engaging, practical and relevant to today’s challenges of working on a construction site.

All of our instructors are veterans of the industry with a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field and hold relevant qualifications and credentials. In addition to covering the curriculum during the course, they lead discussions and share their life experiences with the students, creating an engaging and stimulating environment.

We are here to make the construction industry a safer working environment. We still have a long way to go!
_IJ, CEO & Founder
We have seen how work related accidents can change people lives. We try to make our courses engaging so it's easier to remember the important stuff that will keep you safe.
_ZJ, President
We have streamlined our mandatory registration and evaluation process so we can spend more time and focus on why we are here: learning about how to keep you safe at work so you can come back home to your families.

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